Septic Systems

You can see here a septic system type ‘Orenco’ with two pumps and three tanks installed by KDE Electric. The control panel is tied together with a telephone link to an emergency operator. The whole project costs about $18,000.

Because the housing industry is still booming and construction land becomes more and more expensive, many people end up building their houses on lots that are not so good in assimilating the waste water. Unless you are hooked up to a city network of sewage, you need to pull the septic system permit among other permits before building your house. It can happen many times not to be able to get a conventional system approval from your local Department of Health, and for good reasons.

Conventional septic system permits are very hard to obtain because of so many regulations concerning the environment protection. Conventional septic system is the cheapest to be built and maintain, but you need to be lucky to pass the soil analysis tests. Depending on your type of soil, this kind of septic system can have the drain system spread over one acre, and they cost about 5-6 thousand dollars.

All other types of septic system (Alta Vista, drip system, etc) have the advantage that you don’t need such a large area for the drain system, and your soil does not need to be so porous to drain the waste water. This is a new technology, and is very expensive. All these new septic systems use electric pumps and a full control system in order to filter and dissipate in the land the waste water. A septic system like this might cost you 10-20 thousand dollars to build, and you can have between one and tree pumps connected to the system. The control system for the septic tanks and pumps are so sophisticated that sometimes they need to have a 24/7 telephone link to an emergency supervision and maintenance company, so you don’t get your house flooded.

KDE Electric is able to connect and install the pumps and control system for such advanced septic systems. We are in a successful partnership with S & S Contracting from Harrisonburg, that does all the excavation and installs the drain piping and the underground tanks. All septic system installed by us have been inspected by County officials and they are properly working.

For the Town of Timberville we connected a Zoeller control box to a septic system from an independent service panel with only one evacuation pump. See pictures at left.

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    Am willing to know how to make electricity from septic tank

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